Maximize Your Benefits

We want to remind you that if you have benefits remaining through your insurance provider for 2017, they may go to waste if not used by the end of the year. 2018 is just around the corner, and we want to make sure you use all of your benefits before you lose them! Additionally, if… Read More

Our Dental Cleaning Can Get Your Smile Ready for Summer Fun

Is your smile ready for the fun, social days of summer? Are you traveling somewhere to explore your world a little more? At Smiles Dental in Lacey, Washington, our dentist, Dr. Jeanine Nordeen and our team are excited to help you get your smile summer and travel ready with a professional dental cleaning. According to the… Read More

Don’t Let Night-Time Teeth Grinding Disrupt Your Sleep

There are many people who experience night-time teeth grinding, or bruxism, while they sleep. This common occurrence arises for several reasons, although the main culprit appears to be stress and anxiety, according to the U.K. based Bruxism Association, which found that nearly 70% of sleep teeth grinding arises from stress or anxiety. Additional causes include… Read More

No More Mercury for Your Smile

A healthy smile is our goal for all of our patients. That is why our Smiles Dental in Lacey, Washington is proud to offer mercury-free fillings for our patients’ healthy smiles! If you still have old silver fillings in your mouth, and are concerned about the effect they may be having on your health, our dentist, Dr…. Read More

Sedation Dentistry Can Help You

At Smiles Dental in Lacey, Washington, we are pleased to offer our patients sedation dentistry to alleviate their dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is the anxiety many people feel about going to see their dentist, whether it is due to a fear of pain because of a prior negative experience, or from hearing others share their stories… Read More

Be Aware of These Cavity Risk Factors

There are things you can do to protect yourself against the damage that can arise from tooth decay. First, in your defense against cavity formation is awareness regarding their risk factors. If you are aware of these factors, you can give these areas attention before they become problems! Risk Factors Location, location, location – where… Read More

Why Saliva Production Is Good for You

Our smiles reflect the health of our teeth and gums but they also reflect the health of the environment in our mouths. Saliva production is key to a healthy smile because this clear, watery liquid protects your teeth and gums. Secreted by the salivary glands in the mouth, this watery liquid travels to the mouth through tubes… Read More

Make Six Month Dental Cleanings a Priority for Your Smile

You take care of your teeth and gums every day to ensure a healthy smile. By caring for oral health you want to brush twice a day for two minutes to rid the mouth of bacterial plaque, and by flossing at least once a day between teeth and gums you will clear trapped food particles out… Read More

How Gum Disease Impacts You

Have you been noticing a bad taste in the mouth that won’t go away, along with bad breath? Do you have gums that are red, swollen, tender or bleeding? If you can also see your gums receding from the teeth, you may have fallen prey to gum disease. This occurs when the gum tissue surrounding your teeth… Read More

What You Can Do to Relieve Tooth Sensitivity

Are you cringing when you take a bite of ice cream, or sip hot tea? If your teeth experience a brief sharp pain when you eat or drink you may have tooth sensitivity, which is the result of exposed dentin. Dentin is the layer under the tooth’s enamel that has microscopic tubules filled with nerve endings…. Read More