No More Mercury for Your Smile

A healthy smile is our goal for all of our patients. That is why our Smiles Dental in Lacey, Washington is proud to offer mercury-free fillings for our patients’ healthy smiles! If you still have old silver fillings in your mouth, and are concerned about the effect they may be having on your health, our dentist, Dr. Jeanine Nordeen and her dedicated team offers safe amalgam removal for your healthy smile.

Our dental team is trained to safely remove old silver amalgam fillings and replace them with natural-looking composite dental fillings. Besides being mercury-free, our composite fillings–or white dental fillings–do not require cutting away healthy tooth structure to place the filling, since it bonds to your natural tooth. In addition, our composite fillings blend in with your natural teeth, making them look natural. Your old silver amalgam fillings are actually composed of a combination of metals, including silver, mercury, tin, copper, and additional trace metals. As mercury is released in small amounts from these fillings into your body, it can over time be harmful to your health.

At Smiles Dental in Lacey, Washington, our dentist, Dr. Jeanine Nordeen will replace your old amalgam fillings to brighten your smile. So, if you would like more information about amalgam removal and the benefits of mercury-free dentistry, or to schedule an appointment, you can reach our team at 360.339.7499 today!