Sedation Dentistry Can Help You

At Smiles Dental in Lacey, Washington, we are pleased to offer our patients sedation dentistry to alleviate their dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is the anxiety many people feel about going to see their dentist, whether it is due to a fear of pain because of a prior negative experience, or from hearing others share their stories of a bad experience. This fear can also encompass a fear of injections, the side effects of anesthesia, and the fear of not being in control during the procedure, and feeling vulnerable or helpless.

The purpose of sedation dentistry is to allow you to get the care you need while calming your anxiety and fears. We offer nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) and oral sedation to help you feel safe, relaxed and comfortable during your treatment time with us.

With nitrous oxide, which is a type of inhaled minimal sedation, you breathe the gas in through a mask, allowing you to relax. You can also drive yourself home after the procedure is over.

With oral sedation, you simply take a pill before the procedure to calm you and help you relax. Some people feel groggy with this kind of sedation so you will want to bring someone with you to drive you to your appointment and take you home afterwards.

Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from receiving the care you need. At Smiles Dental in Lacey Washington, we want to give you the quality care you deserve while having the best possible experience. To schedule your next visit with Dr. Jeanine Nordeen, please call our Smiles Dental team in Lacey, Washington at 360.339.7499 today!