Make Six Month Dental Cleanings a Priority for Your Smile

You take care of your teeth and gums every day to ensure a healthy smile. By caring for oral health you want to brush twice a day for two minutes to rid the mouth of bacterial plaque, and by flossing at least once a day between teeth and gums you will clear trapped food particles out of your mouth. And while daily attention to your oral care builds a solid foundation, it is not enough to ensure a healthy smile.

Six month dental checkups support your daily oral care by removing tartar (hardened plaque) using scaling tools and polishing your pearly whites. Professional dental cleanings will do all those things you cannot do at home. So along with tartar removal and polishing, what is else is your dentist providing?

Dental Examination and Cleaning

  • Making sure your bite is what it should be
  • Checking for receding gums
  • Evaluating your dental appliances
  • Taking X-rays as necessary
  • Examining the gums
  • Checking for the signs of early gum disease
  • Checking the contact between your teeth
  • Checking for signs of tooth decay
  • Examining your teeth for any chips and cracks
  • Making sure there are no loose teeth
  • Making sure your fillings are in top shape
  • Examining the tissues inside your mouth
  • Checking your tongue for abnormalities

These are all vital preventative measures that can spot problems early enough for treatment when they are small and most affordable. As you can see, prevention and maintenance begins in the home and ends in your dentist office. To keep you smiling, we invite you to schedule a visit with our caring doctor, Dr. Jeanine Nordeen, by calling our Smiles Dental team in Lacey, Washington at 360.339.7499 today to brighten your smile!