Our Sedation Dentistry Can Make Your 2016 Visits a Joy

Our goal at Smiles Dental is to help you meet all your smile needs. We want to make your visits as pleasant and anxiety-free as we can. We are pleased to offer conscious sedation to help you get the smile you want.

The sedation methods we use let you remain aware of your surroundings while they slow down your central nervous system. This means you will be less aware of anxiety-causing noises like dental drills while feeling calm, relaxed and awake. You will still be able to answer questions during the procedure which also helps us as we take care of you.

Sedation methods available for you:

Light Sedation
Light sedation helps you feel relaxed, awake, and able to respond to our questions and directions. Our dental office uses nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, for this so there is no recovery time and very minimal side effects, if any.

Moderate Sedation
During moderate sedation you are conscious but won’t have much memory of the procedure. You can also communicate with us, albeit you will be groggy. If you fall asleep we will still be able to easily wake you up, and after the procedure you may need a ride home. At Smiles Dental we use IV Sedation administered intravenously instead of orally. Not only is the calming effect quicker but we can adjust the medication levels during the procedure if necessary.

Deep Sedation
During deep sedation you will be either semi-conscious or unconscious until the effect is reversed or wears off. Recovery or awakening time takes a bit longer than lighter sedation methods. We will ask you to bring a companion to take you home when you wake up.

To make sure the sedative is safe for you, we will take a medical history beforehand to assess your overall health and to be aware of any other medications you are currently taking. We also monitor you during the procedure. During sedation, you will feel as though time is shifting and that the procedure passes quickly. You may not even remember much of the procedure.

If you have been letting anxiety dictate the level of dental care you have received (or neglected) over the years, now you can take charge and get the smile you have always wanted. With the help of our sedation methods you no longer have to be at the mercy of your fears. We invite you to call our office today at 360.339.7499 and let us help you ring in the New Year joyfully!