Don’t Let Your Tongue Scare You!

Have you ever looked into the mirror when you got up in the morning, stuck out your tongue and noticed a scary coating covering part of your tongue? This coating is a buildup of bacterial acids, tiny food particles and dead cells that can cause bad breath.

If you want to make sure your breath is as clean and fresh as you are, there are some easy things you can do. Keep your tongue happy by drinking water periodically during the day. This helps clear away debris and helps to maintain saliva which breaks down bacterial acids that like to buildup on your tongue. A dry mouth is not your friend!

Once you finish brushing and flossing your teeth, don’t neglect your tongue. This is where just an extra minute of attention to your mouth can make all the difference.

You can find an inexpensive, easy to use tongue scraper at your local drugstore to help you keep your tongue debris-free. Just moisten the scraper, begin in the back of the tongue, and press down towards the front. Be gentle, it doesn’t have to hurt. Scrape your tongue clean a few times, then rinse with water and follow-up with a mouth wash and you are good to go.

You can feel the difference immediately, and the people you talk to will notice as well. Please call us anytime you have a question about your oral health, and remember to Smile! 360.339.7499.